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What Can I See in the Wild

Sharing Our Planet, Nature and Habitats
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Published: February 2022
For Ages: Primary
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Published: 01-Feb-2022
Format: Hardback, 80 pages, 300x229mm
ISBN: 9781913440527
Stock Code: 3440527
Product Description
A treasure trove exploration of the sunbaked deserts, untamed rainforests, spectacular undersea worlds and the frozen lands of the polar regions. We share our planet with some truly awesome creatures and plant-life. This beautifully illustrated book for younger readers takes an up-to-date look at these incredibly diverse and fascinating environments, exploring their different climates and habitats, along with the animals that live in them. Discover How long can a desert tortoise go without drinking? Which bird is a sneaky thief in the Arctic? What is the largest animal to have ever existed What does a meat-eating plant have for dinner?

Australian Curriculum:
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