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Eve Pownall Award for Information Books Category 2016

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books Category - SHORTLIST

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ISBN TITLE Author Format Price QTY
9781922182784  We Are the Rebels  Wright Clare  Paperback  $19.99 
9781742990910  White Mouse  Peter Gouldthorpe  Hardback  $26.99 
9781486301126  Phasmid CBCA Honour Book Eve Pownall Rohan Cleave  Hardback  $24.95 
9780733333880  Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made, The  Fiona Katauskas  Hardback  $19.99 
9780642278654  Lennie The Legend CBCA Eve Pownall WINNER Stephanie Owen Reeder  Hardback  $24.99 
9780992583927  Ancestry CBCA Honour Book Eve Pownall Robyn Siers  Paperback  $19.95 

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books Category - NOTABLES

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ISBN Title Author Format Price QTY
9781922179760  A Is For Australia  Frane Lessac  Hardback  $24.99 
9781922179388  Alice's Food A-Z  Alice Zaslavsky  Paperback  $19.99 
9781925275148  ANZAC Sons  Allison Marlow Paterson  Paperback  $14.99 
9780642278593  Australian Kids Through The Years  Tania McCartney  Hardback  $19.99  Sold Out
9781922142054  Girl From The Great Sandy Desert, The  Jakuna Mona Chuguna, Pat Lowe  Paperback  $16.95 
9781922081421  Green Tree Frogs  Sandra Kendell  Hardback  $25.95 
9781921833168  Prehistoric Marine Life in Australia's Inland Sea  Danielle Clode  Paperback  $24.95 
9781925126372  The Drum: Atmospheric: The Burning Story Of Climate Change  Carole Wilkinson  Paperback  $18.99 

*Note: • Prices are subject to change by publishers without notice.
• Many of these titles are not available from the publisher until June 2016.
• It may be necessary to substitute Paperback for Hardback or vice versa if that particular edition goes out of print.
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