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CBCA 2015 Book Week Short List

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Younger Readers

9780670078875  Soon CBCA Younger Readers WINNER Morris Gleitzman  Paperback  $19.99 
9781742990620  Star of Deltora: #1 Shadows of the Master CBCA Honour Book Younger Reader Emily Rodda  Paperback  $15.99 
9781743315286  Cleo Stories, The  Libby Gleeson  Hardback  $16.99 
9781743319222  Run, Pip, Run  J C Jones  Paperback  $12.99 
9781925163131  Sister Heart CBCA Honour Book Younger Reader Sally Morgan  Hardback  $19.99 
9781925240085  Molly and Pim and the Millions of Stars  Martine Murray  Paperback  $14.99 

Picture Book of the Year

9780670077755  Suri's Wall  Lucy Estela  Hardback  $24.99 
9781922081483  Flight CBCA Picture Book WINNER Nadia Wheatley  Hardback  $25.99 
9781922179593  My Dead Bunny  Sigi Cohen  Hardback  $19.99 
9781742990736  Ride, Ricardo, Ride! CBCA Honour Book Picture Book Phil Cummings  Hardback  $24.99 
9781743317051  And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda  Eric Bogle  Hardback  $24.99 
9780987380951  One Step At A Time CBCA Honour Book Picture Book Jane Jolly  Hardback  $27.99 

Eve Pownall Award for Information Books

9781922182784  We Are the Rebels  Wright Clare  Paperback  $19.99 
9780642278654  Lennie The Legend CBCA Eve Pownall WINNER Stephanie Owen Reeder  Hardback  $24.99 
9780992583927  Ancestry CBCA Honour Book Eve Pownall Robyn Siers  Paperback  $19.95 
9781742990910  White Mouse  Peter Gouldthorpe  Hardback  $26.99 
9780733333880  Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made, The  Fiona Katauskas  Hardback  $19.99 
9781486301126  Phasmid CBCA Honour Book Eve Pownall Rohan Cleave  Hardback  $24.95 

Older Readers

9781922182364  Inbetween Days CBCA Honour Book Older Reader Vikki Wakefield  Paperback  $19.99 
9781742978178  Flywheel, The  Erin Gough  Paperback  $19.99 
9781925081701  Single Stone, A CBCA Honour Book Older Reader Meg McKinlay  Paperback  $16.99 
9781925126365  Freedom Ride  Sue Lawson  Paperback  $17.99 
9781925483581  Cloudwish CBCA Older Readers WINNER Fiona Wood  Paperback  $16.99 
9780857981707  Pause, The  John Larkin  Paperback  $19.99 

Early Childhood

9780670078042  Mr Huff CBCA Early Childhood WINNER Anna Walker  Hardback  $24.99 
9780670078936  My Dog Bigsy  Alison Lester  Hardback  $24.99 
9781921894848  Perfect CBCA Honour Book Early Childhood Danny Parker  Hardback  $24.95 
9781743623534  Cow Tripped Over the Moon, the CBCA Honour Book Early Childhood Tony Wilson  Hardback  $24.99 
9781743625781  Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas  Aaron Blabey  Hardback  $16.99 
9780857988485  Ollie and the Wind  Ghosh Ronojoy  Hardback  $24.99 

Crichton Award for New Illustrations

9781760403386  Fish Jam  Kylie Howarth  Paperback  $14.99 
9781921504778  My Gallipoli  Ruth;Hannaford, Robert; Starke  Paperback  $16.99 
9781922077400  Cat with the Coloured Tail, The  Gillian Mears  Hardback  $19.95 
9781742378527  KidGlovz  Julie Hunt  Hardback  $24.99 
9781925106206  Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade The CBCA Crichton WINNER Colpoys Allison & Bell Davina  Hardback  $24.99 
9780857985361  Meet...Weary Dunlop  Claire Saxby  Hardback  $24.99 

*Note: • Prices are subject to change by publishers without notice.
• Many of these titles are not available from the publisher until June 2015.
• It may be necessary to substitute Paperback for Hardback or vice versa if that particular edition goes out of print.

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